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Unlike my other blogs (The Enchanted Alphabet and Herbarium Intermundia ) which were created to showcase two specific art projects, this is more of a general art site and has now replaced my old, creaky, clunky website which was badly written and a bit of a pain to keep going.

I have moved some of the major sections of my old website over here. My tutorial for the 'Doormouse' is here, as is a selection of my paintings in a mini-gallery. But this being a blog, it gives me more opportunity to ramble on about all kinds of things - my fear of sketchbooks; how (or possibly how not) to sculpt with polymer clay; random musings on painting, drawing, sewing, model-making; rants about cat hair in my paints; that kind of thing.

I hope you find some of it is of interest and, please, feel free to comment, correct me or ask questions.


18th October 2012

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