Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wired and foiled

Okay, so,  I have all the things I think I might need on my desk, just waiting to go.(Yes, that is a very sorry looking sculpey Porsche 911 you can see on top of the green box. Long story - I blame James May from Top Gear...)

 I knew I needed to make some kind of armature - I've watched one or two clips on YouTube and read some tutorials (like this one). I have a vague idea now about the kind of creature I want to make so I started twisting lots of wire together - and didn't managed to poke myself in the eye, Yay! With a very basic body shape completed I was all fired up with the new things I'd learned and whipped out the aluminium foil. I didn't know you could use that, I'd used a lump of Fimo for the base of the creature in my last posting, but the foil is much better, and lighter. An hour later and head was starting to take shape. I got quite ambitious at this point, added some ears and formed two indentations for the eye sockets. Okay, so it's really top-heavy but I think (hope!) I have a cunning plan to fix that later on.

I'm probably over-stretching my skills here but I added some fingers, though I stopped short of doing the same with the toes. By this time it was 11.30pm, I'd used all the aluminium foil in the house and could've done with a KitKat - energy boost AND a bit more foil :) Time to call it a night.


  1. looking good so far :) A useful tip I've been given is to use a hollow brass rod for the neck so you can detatch the head to work on. The wire neck slots in and can be covered in sculpey later to secure it.

    Look forward to the next stage. You are doing far better than I did on my first attempt.

    1. Ooh, thank you. I'll remember that for next time! I'm a bit further on with this than I've blogged about so far and the head is definitely not detachable now lol