Sunday, 13 May 2012


I've realised that the 'thing' sitting on my desk looks like the demonic spawn of an orgy on Planet Clanger. But not to worry. It'll all be hidden eventually. I was itching to get the clay out but I needed to sort its dodgy hip joint first. Rummaging in a drawer I found a packet of Milliput that's almost as old as I am and mixed a dollop of it to wrap around the hip joint.

Now, I've read about two different ways of sealing the foil before adding the clay. One is to cover the foil in masking tape, the other to seal it with pva glue. So, which to choose? In the end I thought 'Well, both can't hurt' so started wrapping the foil in strips of masking tape. Now I've got the mummified demonic spawn of an orgy on Planet Clanger...

It's weird sometimes how inspiration presents itself. Having made the decision to start a sculpture, someone shared a photo on Facebook of a sculpted piece I'd admired on DeviantArt, which led to more pictures and more links, and before I knew it my enthusiasm had doubled after seeing all these fabulous pieces, and taking another look at some of my favourites. Feast your eyes while the glue dries....

Firstly my good friend Kevin Buntin.

Second - Candice Cinque

 Karen from Lunaozi Dreams

And from Imps and Things


  1. Interesting about sealing the foil. I've never done that and had no problems, and I've avoided masking tape as I assumed the heat would burn it enough to discolour the sculpey? Will have to experiment with this. By the way are you you using vaseline on the surface of baked clay before applying the next layer?

    1. I've never used foil before so thought I should follow the instructions in the doll making tutorial - they said it would make the surface of the foil easier for the clay to stick to. I was worried about the masking tape too - as you'll see in my next post :D

      I haven't used any vaseline - is that to make it stick to the layer underneath?. I've added some sculpey over some baked fimo on the feet now and haven't had any problems with it staying in place.

  2. Yep the vaseline (so I've been informed by Hellgnome over on DA and facebook) contains the same oils as sculpey so helps bond layers togehter. i found that if I wrap one peice over another it's not an issue but if you have thin layers or small sections built on it stops cracking (I've had a few issues with layers seperating around edges). It's also good for getting rid of fingerprints at the end before final cook.
    I'm very impressed by your first effort and cant wait to see more.

  3. That's good to know. I'll definitely try using it for smoothing down before i bake the head - I've already had to trim my fingernails right down to stop them leaving tiny scratches.

    I've also found this forum you might be interested in if you haven't seen it already - some good tips and ideas on here like boiling sculpey instead of baking it!! :-O